Publications 2021-2025

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  1. Kyriakopoulos G., Katopodi V., Skeparnias I., Kaliatsi E.G., Grafanaki K. and  Stathopoulos C. (*) (2021) KRASG12C Can Either Promote or Impair Cap-Dependent Translation in Two Different Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell Lines. Int J Mol Sci 22:2222 (*) corresponding authors
  2. Grafanaki K., Skeparnias I., Kontos C.K., Anastasakis D., Korfiati A.,Kyriakopoulos G., Theofilatos K., Mavroudi S., Magoulas G., Papaioannou D., Scorilas A., Stathopoulos C. (*) and Drainas D. (*) (2021) Pharmacoepigenomics circuitsinduced by a novel retinoid-polyamine conjugate in human immortalized keratinocytes. Pharmacogenomics J Epub ahead of print. (*) corresponding authors
  3. Kalantzi S., Leonardi S., Vachlioti E., Kaliatsi E.G., Papachristopoulou Κ., Stathopoulos C., Vainos N., and Papaioannou D. (2021) Studies towards the Synthesis of Novel 3-Aminopropoxy-Substituted Dioxins Suitable for the Development of Aptamers for Photonic Biosensor Applications. Materials 14:4727
  4. Shaukat A.N., Kaliatsi E.G., Stamatopoulou V. (*) and Stathopoulos C. (*) (2021) Mitochondrial tRNA-Derived Fragments and Their Contribution to Gene Expression Regulation. Front Physiol 12:729452 (*) corresponding author
  5. Shaukat A.N., Kaliatsi E.G., Skeparnias I. and Stathopoulos C. (2021) The Dynamic Network of RNP RNase P Subunits. Int J Mol Sci 22:10307 (*) corresponding author
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