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  1. Kyriakopoulos G., Katopodi V., Skeparnias I., Kaliatsi E.G., Grafanaki K. and  Stathopoulos C. (*) (2021) KRASG12C Can Either Promote or Impair Cap-Dependent Translation in Two Different Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell Lines. Int J Mol Sci 22:2222 (*) corresponding authors
  2. Grafanaki K., Skeparnias I., Kontos C.K., Anastasakis D., Korfiati A.,Kyriakopoulos G., Theofilatos K., Mavroudi S., Magoulas G., Papaioannou D., Scorilas A., Stathopoulos C. (*) and Drainas D. (*) (2021) Pharmacoepigenomics circuitsinduced by a novel retinoid-polyamine conjugate in human immortalized keratinocytes. Pharmacogenomics J Epub ahead of print. (*) corresponding authors
  3. Kalantzi S., Leonardi S., Vachlioti E., Kaliatsi E.G., Papachristopoulou Κ., Stathopoulos C., Vainos N., and Papaioannou D. (2021) Studies towards the Synthesis of Novel 3-Aminopropoxy-Substituted Dioxins Suitable for the Development of Aptamers for Photonic Biosensor Applications. Materials 14:4727
  4. Shaukat A.N., Kaliatsi E.G., Stamatopoulou V. (*) and Stathopoulos C. (*) (2021) Mitochondrial tRNA-Derived Fragments and Their Contribution to Gene Expression Regulation. Front Physiol 12:729452 (*) corresponding author
  5. Shaukat A.N., Kaliatsi E.G., Skeparnias I. and Stathopoulos C. (2021) The Dynamic Network of RNP RNase P Subunits. Int J Mol Sci 22:10307 (*) corresponding author
  6. Genzor P., Konstantinidou P., Stoyko D., Manzourolajdad A., Marlin Andrews C., Elchert A.R., Stathopoulos C. and Haase A.D. (2021) Cellular abundance shapes function in piRNA-guided genome defense. Genome Res 31:2058-2068
  7. Korfiati A., Grafanaki K.(*), Kyriakopoulos G. C., Skeparnias I., Georgiou S., Sakellaropoulos G. and Stathopoulos C (*). (2022) Revisiting miRNA Association with Melanoma Recurrence and Metastasis from a Machine Learning Point of View. Int J Mol Sci 23:1299 (*) corresponding authors
  8. Lygeros S., Danielides G., Kyriakopoulos G. C., Grafanaki K., Tsapardoni F., Stathopoulos C. and Danielides V. (2022) Evaluation of MMP-12 expression in chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis. Rhinology 60:39-46
  9. Giarimoglou N., Kouvela A., Patsi I., Zhang J., Stamatopoulou V. (*) and Stathopoulos C. (*) (2022) Lineage-specific insertions in T-box riboswitches modulate antibiotic binding and action. Nucleic Acids Res 50:5834-5849 (*) corresponding authors
  10. Tsermpini E. E., Kalogirou C. I., Kyriakopoulos G. C., Patrinos G. P. and Stathopoulos C. (2022) miRNAs as potential diagnostic biomarkers and pharmacogenomic indicators in psychiatric disorders. Pharmacogenomics J 22:211-222
  11. Chondrou V., Shaukat A. N., Psarias G., Athanasopoulou K., Iliopoulou E., Damanaki A., Stathopoulos C. and Sgourou A. (2022) LRF Promotes Indirectly Advantageous Chromatin Conformation via BGLT3-lncRNA Expression and Switch from Fetal to Adult Hemoglobin. Int J Mol Sci 23:7025
  12. Giarimoglou N., Kouvela A., Maniatis A., Papakyriakou A., Zhang J., Stamatopoulou V. and Stathopoulos C. (*) (2022) A Riboswitch-Driven Era of New Antibacterials. Antibiotics (Basel) 11:1243 (*) corresponding author
  13. Argyriou A. I., Machaliotis G. A., Makrynitsa G. I., Kaliatsi E. G., Stathopoulos C. and Spyroulias G. A. (2023) NMR Analysis Suggests Synergy between the RRM2 and the Carboxy-Terminal Segment of Human La Protein in the Recognition and Interaction with HCV IRES. Int J Mol Sci 24:2572
  14. Grafanaki K., Grammatikakis I., Ghosh A., Gopalan V., Olgun G., Liu H., Kyriakopoulos G. C., Skeparnias I., Georgiou S., Stathopoulos C., Hannenhalli S., Merlino G., Marie K. L. and Day C. P. (2023) Noncoding RNA circuitry in melanoma onset, plasticity, and therapeutic response. Pharmacol Ther 248:108466
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