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Members of the RNA group participate in teaching of the following MSc graduate programs:

University of Patras

·MSc in Biomedical Sciences

· MSc in Informatics for Life Sciences 

·MSc in Biomedical Engineering

· MSc in Medical Physics 

·Msc in Public Health  

·MSc in Chemical Biology

University of Athens

·MSc in Microbial Biotechnology

University of Ioannina

· MSc in Basic Biomedical Sciences 

The RNA biology group offers positions to students who wish to contact research and accomplish the Master’s or PhD projects from the School of Medicine, the School of Pharmacy and the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Biological Applications and Natural Resources. The candidates must contact Prof C. Stathopoulos, preferably via email, prior to their application.

In addition, the RNA biology group participates in exchanges of international students  visiting the University of Patras Medical School through an ERASMUS bilateral agreement with the University of Strasbourg, France

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